Tips For A Magazine-Worthy Home

Why do magazine interiors look so perfect?
Talented designers and stylists, great lighting, and professional photography is the honest answer. But in the age of Instagram, where practically everyone is snapping pictures of their spaces, we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing tips so to easy your work.


Add Sculptures

Kissing Couple -

Sculpture makes a wonderful addition to a collection, however this medium is often overlooked in favor of flat works such as paintings or works on paper. But sculptures injects a tactile, sensuous volume into spaces that’s unexpected. The choice of the clear plinth keeps the look modern and fresh.

Old Friends Sculpture -

Just as with everything in your home, the things you own should really appeal to you – you should love them! Art in particular is very personal and each piece is
meant to evoke an emotion and a feeling and be personal to you.

Abstract Lady -


Lights As Sculpture

It’s a recurring theme — so many standout rooms are elevated by a sculptural light fixture. Here’s some examples to choose the perfect lighting to give your room a warm finish.

 Cloud Pendant Light Lamp -

Make your home shine with the right lighting, there is nothing like a beautifully lit room.

Little Mouse Lamp Night Light -

Natural Accessories

Shell Candle -

Statement pieces pulled from nature are showstoppers. This options from our candle collection are a charmer no matter what the season.

Honeycomb Candle -

Elegant and unique, our wild mushroom lamp will had a sence of nature allied with a modern twist fill no matter what the season.

Wild Mushroom LED Lamp -