Inspired By The Female Principle

The female body is one of the oldest and most commonly depicted motifs in visual arts.

Famous paintings, sculptures, the women body had a profound influence on the world of art and popular culture that graced them with remarkable fame and an audience spanning far beyond the museum-going elite.

In the following article, we explore our most popular items inspired by women to see what makes them so extraordinary and appealing for people of various backgrounds and time periods.


Giana Vase

Giana Vase -

The bust-shaped Giana Vase is a handmade porcelain piece with inspiration from the 60s young generation with all their flowers, freedom, and creativity.

The Abstract Lady

Abstract Lady -

A Linear art sculpture with a minimalist and abstract representation of a female face. This minimalist piece is perfect to hang a hat, jewelry, or any other thing you need. Beautiful and space saver!

Athena Vase

Athena Vase -

This is not just any vase! Inspired by Athena of Greece, these fabulous vases can be used for a variety of different purposes, for your indoor out outdoor flowers, to place your pencils on your work desk, your paint brushes, the options are unlimited.

The Female Body Candle

Female Body Candle -

With its stunning presence it's one for the dressing table, for sure.

Big Hips Vase

Big Hips Vase -

Big hips are so sexy that there is no more enchanting way to showcase your favorite flowers. Choose from one of these four quirky pieces and get creative with beautiful blooms or as statement pieces in their own right.