Overdecor? Here's our top 5 hacks.

To much items in one division? To many bright colors in the room? Sofa in the middle of the living room? (believe me I have seen it!)

Decorating your home shouldn't be a task that requires everything (literally), or everything of a certain style. Sometimes we have to adapt to the space, light and finance that we have, and that is good.

 Here's our top 5 hacks to help you in this quest;


1) Use different colors.

Colors influence your state of mind, choose the ones that better suit your spirit.  Avoid bright colors that tend to be tiring and stressful.

2) DON'T use to many ornaments

Too many ornaments turn the atmosphere a bit heavy, too much information for the sight. This is one of the moments in which the phrase "Less is more" is more true.

3) Check your room size beforehand

Is very important to check the size of the furniture your going to buy to check against your room size. Wrong sizes often lean to furniture emplacements and the space you had reserved for that items will not be perfectly used. Sofas and tables are the most common items on this misfit list. Take note.

4) Short curtains

Short curtains just don't work, unless its the top of the bed window. The curtains need to match the wall height for a perfect fit.

5) Don't use a short mat

The principal function of a mat is to organize your division. The perfect fir is a mat that stays close to the furniture and to the sofas but not underneath it.