10 Small Bedroom Essentials

Decorating a bedroom is a task quite different from planning for the rest of the house, a bedroom is a private haven for rest, relaxation and of course, a bit of fun! A small bedroom can often be a challenge as space doesn't really work in your favor!
But, don't worry we've got some tips that will surely help you on how to utilize the small space you do have to help you create the feeling of a bigger space.


1) Choose Wall Mounted Lights Instead of Table Lamps

Chameleon lamp - highnez

Just say no to table lamps and floor lamps. A wall mounted lamp doesn't take up any surface space. Choose a space-saving sconce to hang on your wall, it will add a designer look to your room instead of a common pendant light. The perfect example of a creative solution for your space problem is our Chameleon Lamp. With its two wall mounted options, that allow you to redirect the light bulb they hold to your preference (room light, reading light, et cetera), surely will add a creative touch to your room while adding all the practicality of not needing a table for your lamps!


3) Use All Available Surface Space.

HighnezDecor-Small Bedroom Blog Post

One of the biggest challenges in a small bedroom is finding places to put all your stuff, there’s just not enough space! The bed takes up most of the room... Be resourceful! Even a windowsill can provide extra storage space for your stuff, for your decor, lighting, and other essentials when there's no room for an extra table..


4) Don't Be Afraid to Go Dark.

HighnezDecor-Small Bedroom Blog Post

Embrace the size. Your room is cozier than a bigger one, take advantage of it and don't be afraid to go dark. Colors like charcoal gray or navy blue or even olive green  can be at the same time chic and cozy, plus your room will look sexy!


5) Tuck Your Bed Away.

HighnezDecor-Small Bedroom Blog Post

If you live in a studio or need or use your bedroom for more than just sleeping, consider a trundle bed or a solid platform with a retractable bed under it.The extra room space can be used for a sofa so there's somewhere to sit instead of the bed.


6) Put Stuff Under Or On The Headboard.

HighnezDecor-Small Bedroom Blog Post

Under the bed drawers and bed-head shelves are undervalued! Since the bed is what in most cases uses the most space in the bedroom underneath it is where you have the most space to storage your stuff, on the headboard you have the perfect space to store handy items, books, your night light, et cetera. When you're lacking closet space, or just as a supporting feature.


7) Place Your Bed Against The Window.

HighnezDecor-Small Bedroom Blog Post

In a small bedroom, wall space is precious, do not waste it, don't be afraid to put your bed beneath the window. The window and the curtains create a natural focal point.


8) Add Mirrors.

Splash Mirror - Highnez Décor

Glass is a smart addition to compact rooms. Take advantage of awkward niches and corners, with a mirror. This adds a sense of openness to the room that other objects find hard to match. Even though it might not seem like usable space when you first look at it, a simple mirror can give it a brand new second life. The perfect hack to make the room feel larger, lean a modern mirror against the wall.
Fake space 'til you make space. Closet mirrors make a small bedroom feel larger than it actually is. 


9) Shrink Your Headboard.

HighnezDecor-Small Bedroom Blog Post

You don't need a giant headboard taking up your entire wall. Instead, choose a skinnier, shorter headboard. That way, you'll save wall space for wall art or decor.


9) Put Everything On the Floor.

HighnezDecor-Small Bedroom Blog Post

Stay grounded and go bed frame-less. Literally closer to the ground, this bedroom idea is simple yet elegant, streamlined, and encourages wellness, rest, and inner peace.


10) Light colors.

HighnezDecor-Small Bedroom Blog Post

Light colors are essential for a feeling of bigger space. I would go for pastel tones, light pink, cream or even pure white.